focusfocusStart the New Year off on the right foot with this list of new laws coming into effect on Jan. 1, 2017.

Ontario and Alberta: Ban on door-to-door energy sales

Unsolicited door-to-door energy sales will be illegal in Alberta and Ontario in the new year. The Alberta ban on the high-pressure sales approach applies to a range of energy products and services, including natural gas, electricity, furnaces, hot water tanks, air conditioners, windows and energy audits.

Ontario’s Putting Consumers First Act will also provide consumers with a 10-day “cooling off” period after arranging for roofing or home renovation services. The consumer can cancel the contract for any reason within that window of time.

Under the same Ontario law, all home inspectors will need to be licensed.

Saskatchewan: Crackdown on impaired drivers

Tighter laws around impaired driving in Saskatchewan will raise the zero-tolerance level for young drivers to 21, while also allowing police to seize a first-time offender’s vehicle for three days.

Ontario: Ban on police practice of carding

Police in Ontario will be prohibited from using race as part of an officer’s reason for attempting to collect a person’s identifying information. The law passed by the Ontario Liberals is meant to end a practice commonly known as carding or street checks.

B.C. and Ontario: Cheaper payday loans

The maximum charge for payday loans in B.C. will be reduced from $23 to $17 for every $100 borrowed, effective Jan. 1.  Ontario will also slash its rates to $18 for every $100.



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